Running Against Jim Bunning

Let’s presume just for the sake of argument that Jim Bunning needs to retire. Let’s just presume that. He hasn’t raised much money. He barely won re-election six years ago. He’s got foot in mouth disease. Let’s presume he needs to go.

We should not then presume to make the mistake that David Williams is the answer.

State Senate President David Williams (R) met last week with National Republican Senatorial Committee officials about a 2010 Senate bid, in the most public sign yet that GOP leaders could be looking for someone other than Sen. Jim Bunning (R) to carry the party banner next year.

As Kentucky’s Club For Growth chapter notes, David Williams’ candidacy should be dead on arrival.

Williams supported one of the largest tax increases in Kentucky history after claiming he’d hold the line on taxes. He is, in effect, a Kentucky version of George H. W. Bush and his “read my lips” pledge.

If Kentucky wants to replace Jim Bunning, that’s fine. But we should hope they don’t replace the conservative stalwart with someone more squishy than Mitch McConnell.

Dem-lite is no way to run.