Goodbye 'Mr. Jobs'? [UPDATED:] Scott Murphy Calls Military Racist

Is Scott Murphy “Mr. Jobs,” or isn’t he? Well he was, then he wasn’t. The website scrubbers apparently don’t want you to know that Scott Murphy considers himself “Mr. Jobs,” probably because all the jobs he created were in India, not New York.Here is how Scott Murphy, candidate for NY-20, described himself on his website originally:”Scott Murphy, 38, from Warren County is a wunderkind for creating jobs in upstate New York . . . . Scott’s called ‘Mr. Jobs’ because of his unique experience at helping more than dozen companies in upstate New York.”Here’s how it reads now:”Scott Murphy, 39, is literally in the business of creating jobs. Saving and creating jobs, growing small businesses, and finding new ways to tackle old problems – these are the things Scott has done successfully for more than 15 years.”He’s no wunderkind any more. And he’s no longer “Mr. Jobs.” Why?Well a wunderkind probably would be smart enough to actually vote regularly before running for office. Scott Murphy didn’t vote for four years from 2000-2004. A wunderkind would also be smart enough to pay his taxes. Scott Murphy has a troubling history of not paying his taxes.And he’s not “Mr. Jobs” because calling himself that would probably put the spotlight on his job creating ways in India — not New York. Scott Murphy started an company employing Indians and India that now rivals E-Bay. Good for him. Not good for New York.UPDATED: Ed Morrisey brings us word that Scott Murphy has also accused the United States Military of being a bunch of racists. Writes Ed:

He opined in a Left-leaning campus magazine that the ROTC had no business on college campuses, especially Harvard

Why? Because the military expects people to follow orders and takes advantage of minorities.