Do Georgia state legislators know this?

I’d hate to think they were about to take an action without knowing this detail.Georgia Power requested that it be allowed to delay the filing of its FCR-21 fuel case before the PSC until March 13, 2009.The filing would include details on any new fuel increases they’d have to charge to control fuel debt. According to well places PSC connected individuals, there’s a quick turn around on these matters and collection of new charges could happen within 90 days.In other words, George Power won’t release its fuel increase data until after the legislature votes on SB 31. So, Georgia Power can get the legislature to increase Georgia Power’s rate, then it gets to raise it rates to cover increased fuel charges and the PSC can’t really decline to let them raise rates on that issue.Why won’t the legislature wait until after Georgia Power files its FCR-21 fuel case on March 13th to see what the increase in power rates will be?Here, by the way, is the request from Georgia Power to hold off its filing until March 13th. The PSC granted the delay.You might want to call your state representative to let him know about this.