George P. Bush Gets It Right

Amen and Amen.

“There’s some in our party that want to assume that government is the answer to all of our problems,” Bush said at a meeting of young Republicans, as reported by the Orlando News. “You know who I’m talking about,” he added, referencing Crist.

I have no doubt Charlie Crist wants to run for President of the United States. The guy would be worse than John McCain.Multiple people tell me that Mel Martinez contemplated leaving his seat early, but Crist talked him out of it because Crist thought he’d be under too much pressure to appoint Jeb Bush to the seat.Why doesn’t Crist like Jeb? Because Jeb is an effective conservative. Charlie Crist is not. Witness Crist going wobbly on tax increases to balance Florida’s budget. Crist is much more interested in protecting endangered animals than Florida’s tax payers.It is incumbent on conservatives to begin now building up a great storehouse of Crist anecdotes showing how terrible he is so that he’s radioactive by 2012.He would be wholly unacceptable as a Presidential nominee for the GOP. Crist has no principles beyond an instinct toward sticking his finger in the wind. And through his appointments within the Republican Party apparatus in Florida, he is tearing down a once very strong party.Good on George P. Bush for standing up and telling the truth.We should carry this headline into 2012 and club Charlie Crist like a baby seal with it: “Obama Teams With Florida Governor to Push Stimulus”.