The Stimulus Will Fail. The GOP Will Rub It In.

Excellent work guys.

House Republicans are setting up “a stimulus-watch program” that will allow watchdog groups and private citizens to report findings as contractors and agencies start spending billions of dollars on roads, schools, renewable energy projects and other initiatives, said House GOP Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia.

Here’s the thing: the stimulus will fail. Even the Congressional Budget Office says the stimulus, as passed, will drag out the recession. Obama can make statements claiming the bill will save 4 million 3.8 million 3.5 million 2 million jobs. The media will give him a pass spinning it as “if the stimulus hadn’t passed, you would have lost your job.”

That does not, though, somehow validate the idea that the stimulus will stimulate the economy. It won’t. But in the meantime, a lot of bad stuff will happen. A lot of waste will be generated. A lot of corruption will be uncovered.

And because the GOP held the line and refused to vote for the stimulus, the Democrats and Barack Obama will own it.