Dems Begin Lowering Expectations on 2010

It was bound to happen.

“I’m not predicting any third waves here,” the Maryland Democrat said in remarks at a forum sponsored by Georgetown University and Politico.

“If you look at first midterm elections historically, the president’s party loses seats,” he said. “The historical trend is pretty clear for Democrats.”

Rather than trying to expand the Democratic House majority in 2010, Van Hollen believes his job is “to hold the line.”

The GOP has unified rapidly under President Obama. The economy is going to go downhill because of the stimulus. When stories about the welfare queens coming back make the local paper, the populace as a whole is going to be up in arms.

The whole thing is pretty bad for the Big O and his party.

The key for the GOP is to start good recruiting early. They’re having problems in places like Georgia 8 against Jim Marshall. He’ll finally be vulnerable this year. I’ve declined to run against him. Perhaps the GOP can convince Austin Scott, who is thinking of a Georgia gubernatorial run, to run against him.

Likewise, the GOP is going to need to find someone to run against Heath Shuler and many of the other lap blue dog Democrats.

I don’t really think the GOP is going to be able to take the House back in 2010, but they’ll make great strides.

More importantly, the GOP needs to get a plan in place to take back state legislatures in 2010. The anti-Democrat wave we should be facing will help them in the states and that will help with redistricting.