From the Mailbag

From: [email protected]

Subject: Let’s cut all taxes..are you the biggest moron to ever live?

Date: February 12, 2009 2:11:07 PM EST


Seriously. Your answer to the devastation caused by the dogma of rightwing deregulation of everything is.. to cut 100% of federal taxes?

So how do we pay for your favorite President Bush’s most brilliant achievement – the war in Iraq? Shall our troops eat dust and drink happy thoughts, and shoot magic bullets filled with your pee and propelled by wingnut farts? How about Afghanistan? How about border guards, customs, INS, the FBI, the CIA, Guantanamo, federal prisons, airport security, and all the other things even disphits [yeah, he really wrote it that way] as braindead s you agree government needs to do?

Seriously – you are a f***ing [profanity edited by Erick] over the top, blue-ribbon winning, one in a million tool.

Please never, ever reproduce.