The “Card Check” Playground: There’s Plenty of Room in the Sandbox for Everyone!

There has been much conversation as of late surrounding the issue of who gets to fight the Employee Free Choice Act, EFCA and how they get to do it. That’s right, people are talking about how to fight it and who gets to play with whom rather than actually doing something to combat the bill.

There are several efforts underway, from grassroots organizing to federal campaigns. The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW), a group led by the U.S. Chamber and other business interests and trade associations are raising money, running ads and lobbying against EFCA at the federal level.

Another effort ran by the Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF), an organization created by Grover Norquist in 2003 to combat anti-worker legislation, is working to pass anti-EFCA resolutions in state legislative bodies.

Most certainly the folks over at the Center for Union Facts are cooking something up as well.

However, much attention has focused on a new organization called Save Our Secret Ballot (SOS Ballot). Their goal is to place on the ballot state constitutional amendments that require secret ballot voting on all public elections.

All of these efforts are meant to compliment each other and create publicity against EFCA and drive up the pressure on federal congressmen.

So why is everyone acting like a stubborn only child on the playground and not playing nice with others.

As seen in the comments posted to an American Spectator piece that supported SOS Ballot, the National Right to Work Committee appears to be leading the charge of organizations vehemently opposing the SOS Ballot and other efforts. Really?!? Isn’t this the same organization that actively opposed right to work being put on the ballot in Oklahoma in 2003 and then tried to take credit for it when it passed? The same Committee that actively opposes all paycheck protection legislation nation-wide? Is NRTWC even doing anything to fight card check besides trying to tell other people how to run their campaigns?

Perhaps the issue is money? Are other organizations and even the business community jealous that another effort out there is taking from their coffers? I sure hope not, because that sounds exactly like union-thug decision making to me.

We don’t all have to agree on the best approach as long as the goal is killing card check and defeating EFCA. And that is most clearly the goal with all these efforts.

Draw a line in the sand. Everyone who opposes card check and EFCA stand on one side and everyone who supports it stand on the other. Now, everyone who is on the side that opposes EFCA, look around. The rules of the playground are that you are not allowed to fight with people who are on your side of the line.

If a four year-old girl can do that…then I think all of these big, important, powerful organizations can suck it up and do the same thing too!