Lashing out at Limbaugh

Three different people emailed me a link to this Politico column all saying the same thing: “I didn’t know John Feehery was such a d**k.”

The guy pretends to speak for the entire Republican Party. He probably actually thinks he does because a look at his resume reveals the following:

He worked for Bob Michel.

He managed communications for Speaker Hastert.

And, direct from his biography:

He has been called “indefatigable” by Norm Ornstein and “highly-regarded” by the Washington Post’s Al Kamen, and he was repeatedly named to Roll Call’s Fab Fifty List for when he served in Congress.

That all, right there, says everything about why we should not take anything this guy says seriously.

Bob Michel Republicans like to be yes men to Democrats until people like Limbaugh force them out of their habits.

Someone like this taking on Rush Limbaugh means a couple of things: (1) this guy is trying to generate hits to his website in a troubled economy, which is why I’m not linking there and (2) Rush is right.