CNN's Daschle Fan Club

This post is mostly for the bulimics out there who need some help throwing up tonight.

Toby Harnden has some of the quotes from David Gergen and Gloria Borger lamenting Tom Daschle’s withdrawal.

Gergen and Borger are typical Washington insiders who have lost all disconnect from the real world outside the beltway. Borger claims Daschle’s withdrawal was somehow partisan — not the criminal reality that it was.

Gergen thinks Daschle is just so smart it is just so upsetting. Never mind that Daschle was making huge money trading favors. Never mind that Daschle didn’t pay his taxes. Never mind that Daschle was potentially heading to a cabinet position that would oversee the very people who were paying Daschle lots of money.

That’s so typical of Gergen who probably does the same thing and probably ought to be audited himself.