Majority Strategies/Next Wave Communications -- An Update

This post is past due, I’m afraid. I committed to write it about three weeks ago and kept getting distracted.

Last month I pointed out problems with Majority Strategies/Next Wave Communications. Specifically, I pointed out that Majority Strategies screwed up the absentee ballot mailer in Saxby Chambliss’s runoff, as they had in Ohio. Likewise, I pointed out the various conflicts of interest between the organization and the GOP.

Incestuous relations among GOP consultants is an ongoing problem.

Three weeks ago, Brett Buerck of Majority Strategies called me to discuss my post. He took exception to what I wrote and I wanted to fairly recount his side of the conversation.

Having talked to Brett, it seems that the problem involving Majority Strategies may not be questionable funneling of business, but some serious communications breakdowns.

Brett tells me that while his company did some business in Georgia, they specifically did not handle the variety of expenditures in which the absentee ballot mail piece was covered. I had confirmed it was them with people inside the RNC, NRSC, and Georgia operatives. After my conversation with Brett, those same people said it was likely they had made a mistake and that, as Brett said, his company did not handle all the mailings. One of the initial people who confirmed Majority Strategies did the mailing has subsequently, as I previously wrote, said he had made a mistake and it was not Majority Strategies. Likewise, Justin Tomczak of the Saxby Chambliss campaign says he does not know who did it.

As to my criticisms of the Ohio mail piece, Brett pointed out that the mail piece was legally a proper mail piece and had been successfully used before. The criticisms, he says, are more an assault on his company than its work. He and I agree the business is extremely competitive and not everyone can rapidly turn around an absentee ballot mail piece, but people always angle for the business.

I had a good conversation with Brett and do think it is safe to conclude they were not responsible for the Chambliss mail piece as I had originally been told by multiple people. That raises other serious concerns about communications inside the party apparatus that do not involve Majority Strategies.

There remains the issue of consultants within the GOP dealing with each other. We have the same issue with the RNC as with others. And it is an issue I intend to remain vigilant on. But I did want to present Majority Strategies side of the story and, having gone back again to people who initially confirmed the story, I must say I tend to believe Brett that Majority Strategies was not responsible for the mail piece.