Instead of Finding His Testicles, Mitch McConnell Loads Up on Estrogen

Senator Lisa Murkowski is a massive proponent of the Bridge to Nowhere.

She is pro-choice. She supports embryonic stem cell research. She refused to support the nuclear option to end judicial filibusters. She supports SCHIP funding. She is in favor of government funding of groups who provide abortions. [UPDATE: She just voted with the Democrats to get rid of the Mexico City Policy that Ronald Reagan adopted too]

She is now officially in Mitch McConnell’s inner circle.

Mind you, she is not all bad. She generally supports free trade. She generally opposes the assault weapons ban. But she is very much a status quo Republican. She is not a great advancer of the conservative agenda, let alone the Republican agenda.

If Mitch McConnell is Chief of Mediocrity, Lisa Murkowski is a great surrogate for him.

And so it goes.