Bill Kristol Announces the Death of Conservatism

Are any of you surprised by this? Seriously.

I knew the moment I found out he was having dinner with Obama that this would happen. A batted eye lash, a smile, and a shared meal gets you pretty damn far with Bill Kristol. Never mind that despite posing as a conservative for years, Kristol has been anything but a real conservative.

If Reagan’s policies had failed, or if he hadn’t been politically successful, the conservative ascendancy would have been nipped in the bud. So with President Obama today. Liberalism’s fate rests to an astonishing degree on his shoulders. If he governs successfully, we’re in a new political era. If not, the country will be open to new conservative alternatives.

We don’t really know how Barack Obama will govern. What we have so far, mainly, is an Inaugural Address, and it suggests that he may have learned more from Reagan than he has sometimes let on. Obama’s speech was unabashedly pro-American and implicitly conservative.

So that’s it — if Obama succeeds, conservatism is dead and if he fails conservatism thrives. Never was such brilliance expressed in the New York Times. But wait, it gets better. Obama’s speech was conservative, though conservatism is dead.

That makes such sense!

The fact is we know Obama’s economic policies are going to hurt. They will not help. His stimulus plan contains more money for grass seeds for the National Mall than for helping small businesses.

Liberalism never works. But batting eye lashes at Bill Kristol will apparently get him naked quick.

About the only commendable thing worth noting in Kristol’s column is the last line:

“This is William Kristol’s last column.”

I guess he’s off to work for Barack Obama now.

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