Hating on Sarah Palin

According to the New Majority, a left wing website designed to cast itself as the new conservative voice, Sarah Palin’s wardrobe is stashed at the RNC in the basement in trash bags and was not given to charity.

The story cites “sources,” but does not mention that the author is probably the source, considering she worked at the RNC.

More so, the story is flat out not true according to multiple people at the RNC.

David Frum followed up the original post with his own in which he wrote

Gov. Palin remains a controversial figure in the Republican party. But the moral of this particular story is not a moral that bears on her. The moral bears on the RNC, an organization whose leaders think that evasion is a solution. It’s time for new leadership at the RNC and at all the highest levels of our party organization.

Of course, that came two paragraphs after writing, “As soon as Gov. Palin returned to the national scene, so too would all the unanswered questions left over from the last campaign.” So is this about her or not?

There are two full stories about Sarah Palin and her wardrobe. Coincidentally, the stories come out the day after Sarah Palin delivers a very well received State of the State speech in Alaska. And some how this is not about continuing a smear on Sarah Palin — someone David Frum actively opposed as an icky conservative during the campaign.

Yeah, right.

But here is the larger point: why the hell is this relevant to anything three months after the campaign? Seriously.

First, the story is not even true.

Second, the person involved is not even a candidate, but remains apparently enough of a threat to leftist members of the GOP that she must continually be kicked.

Third, if you want to say leadership needs to be changed within the RNC, that’s a valid point, but why use a wholly inaccurate story to do so?

There are bigger issues out there that make the same point. The left within the Republican Party has launched a full scale assault against the conservative base. To be sure, the base is conservative. For those of you wanting to replace the party leadership, you should take note that the leftists are even more adamant about it than you and you should consider who exactly they want.