The Leper Leaps for Obama

As Operation Leper progressed after the election, it became very clear that the chief culprit in the smears against Sarah Palin was Nicolle Wallace, Palin’s press person appointed by the McCain camp.

A dozen eye witnesses to her antics on the campaign trail contacted RedState. Most of them were confirmed. We don’t know why she behaved as she did other than to save her own skin at the expense of a decent women maligned by the press and handled incompetently by the McCain campaign. We do know she behaved badly.

Today, she admits to having a tingle run up her leg over Barack Obama. The whole thing is nauseating. I suggest you not read it lest you vomit on your keyboard.

Just to give you a taste:

Obama deserves our thanks for letting Republicans root for him, as well. He has created a space within his wide net of support for those of us who fought for John McCain’s candidacy by honoring the McCains at a dinner the night before his inauguration and by listening to McCain’s ideas on national security, climate change, and government reform.

The Obamas have also returned the civility and warmth directed at them by president and Mrs. Bush in a way that sets this transition apart from others in recent history. This generosity of spirit has had a ripple effect throughout Republican circles. Two former senior aides to President George W. Bush said to me over the weekend, “I expect him [President Obama] to be there for eight years.”

A former senior official of Bush’s re-election campaign predicted that he would contribute to Obama’s re-election effort. When I heard that, I said, “He hasn’t even been sworn in yet.” It didn’t matter. One former White House colleague who I ran into in a greenroom this weekend said, “I’m pleased with everything Obama’s done—it’s the press that’s driving me crazy.”

We must recommit ourselves to this: any Presidential candidate that hires this woman in four years will be rejected by the rest of us.