Obama: Pushing Back the Digital Television Change to Line the Pockets of Contributors

David Freddoso is right. This is Chicago politics come to Washington.

Barack Obama wants to delay the transfer to digital television — a process that has been underway for several years and that is now estimated to only affect 9% of the country.

After the transfer, the analog spectrum will be freed up for newer technologies and systems.

Obama, however, wants to put that all on hold.

Why? Tim Carney connects all the dots into something the Republicans should aggressively investigate.

By pushing to delay the long-scheduled transition of television broadcasting from analog signals to digital signals, president-elect Obama is directly aiding Sprint and its partner Clearwire while hurting Verizon.

Clearwire’s executive vice president for “Strategy, Policy and External Affairs” is R. Gerard Salemme. Writer Julian Sanchez reported Wednesday on the website Ars Technica that Salemme is serving on the Obama transition team as a telecom advisor. Clearwire told this columnist that Salemme is on leave to help craft Obama’s telecom policy.

Clearwire provides infrastructure for Sprint’s wireless data network. In layman’s terms, Sprint pays Clearwire to connect your Blackberry to the Internet. . . .

Salemme, a former telecom lobbyist who has given thousands to Obama, including $5,000 to Obama’s transition team, has helped Obama craft a policy that will benefit Salemme’s company. This is just the sort of arrangement that led to years of Democratic outrage over the Bush administration’s energy policy.

Sanchez’s detailed and well-reported article on Ars Technica called to light these conflicts of interest—and the fact that Salemme’s name is nowhere to be found on Change.gov. As of yesterday, the Obama transition team still hadn’t addressed the concerns or added Salemme’s name. The transition team did not return a phone call or respond to an email request for comment from this author.

So change for Obama means bringing Democrat style corruption back to the White House.