Is This Really The Case For Mike Duncan?

This weekend I received some troubling news regarding Mike Duncan’s potential continued chairmanship at the RNC.

To be sure, he is not involved and this is probably standard political chatter, but it is something to make note of.

This weekend individuals who will be involved in the election process for the next RNC Chairman told me of being cornered by two Senior Administration Officials trying to push votes toward Duncan. According to my sources, the White House guys said Duncan is their choice because he’s committed to the RNC leading a role in polishing the Bush legacy.

I emailed Anne Hathaway at the RNC about this. She said she was, “not sure where this is coming from and I’m not sure what this is about. Given all the charges and counter-charges in the last few days I am suspicious as to the credibility of this suggestion. I am not surprised that Mike’s opponents would try and tie him to the White House.”

And to be sure, this could be. But I do trust the source. That does not mean that perhaps the White House guys just want Duncan there because he was a Bush appointee and they think he’ll put Bush ahead of the overall GOP agenda, even when it must deviate from the Bush legacy. Duncan, in the RNC Chairman’s Debate, did noticeably deviate from the Bush position on Iraq.

It’s still troubling though that senior administration guys would take the time to pull someone aside to push them toward Duncan over legacy preservation concerns. It raises a question Duncan should answer — which takes priority: the Bush legacy or beginning again anew?