The Enemy Within

In November, Tennessee voters finally threw the Democrats out of power in the State House, or so they thought.

The GOP won a 50-49 majority. Representative Jason Mumpower of Bristol, TN was set to take charge. Mumpower, who had been a Republican leader in the minority, had the backing of the entire caucus, both verbally and in writing.

But power is sometimes too tempting — especially for weak men who could never obtain it through hard work and acquiring the respect and good will of others. The Democrats found such a man — a Gollum like creature — in Kent Williams of Elizabethton.

Joining 49 Democrats, Williams, who claims he only promised to vote for a Republican for Speaker and not for Mumpower, voted for himself. Then he put a Democrat in as Speaker Pro Tempore.

Outgoing Democrat Speaker of the Tennessee House, Jimmy Naifeh, stood by Williams as Williams presided, whispering in Williams’ ear telling him what to do.

The Tennessee GOP has started proceedings to throw Williams out of the party.

Good. Payback should be a bitch for Kent Williams. We have 188 activists in the Tennessee RedState Army. Let’s grow the list and make Williams’ life miserable for the next two years.