BREAKING: National Rifle Association Wusses Out On Holder

The NRA Grassroots Hotline is 1-800-392-8683. Remember, if they tell you they are opposed to Holder, ask if they are going to score a vote and testify. The answer is “no.” They’re just going to send a letter.

Sources inside the National Rifle Association tell me the NRA has succumbed to pressure from Democrats to not actively oppose Eric Holder.

Holder has strident, well known anti-second amendment positions. Nonetheless, because the NRA likes to play nice with Democrats, they are going to roll over for Barack Obama on the Holder nomination instead of fighting for, well, the second amendment — their reason for being.

Harry Reid and Pat Leahy both [Ed’s Note: I got careless here: I’m told it has to do with Reid’s rating. Leahy couldn’t care, but was able to exert pressure via Democrat members of the NRA board] have good NRA ratings on the second amendment. They will support Eric Holder. The NRA does not want to hurt their scores. Therefore they’ll make noises in opposition to Holder, but they will not score a vote for Holder to impact legislators’ rankings.

Pitiful sellouts.

Meanwhile, Gun Owners of America will actively oppose Holder and score votes relating to him.
[UPDATED:] I’ve now received additional confirmation from the Senate. The NRA will not actively oppose Holder. The NRA will send out a letter in opposition to Holder, but will neither testify against Holder nor score legislators based on their votes for or against Holder.

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