A Mitch-erable Failure

On Thursday night and Friday morning, I made the case that Mitch McConnell is a cancer on the Senate Republican caucus.

By Friday afternoon, I was called and informed that McConnell had decided, in fact, to take a lead and try to get Republicans to all protest Reid’s Sunday vote by not showing up.

Sunday came and, in fact, a majority of the GOP not only did show up, but voted for the lands bill. On 12 GOP Senators voted against the bill. Leading the GOP support for the legislation was Senator Bennett of Utah. Anyone who pays attention to Senate dynamics knows that Bennett and McConnell are joined at the hip.

To muster only 12 no votes against a bill that:

  1. completely tramples minority rights in the Senate
  2. spends billions
  3. is unreviewed
  4. is not allowed to be amended in the “greatest deliberative body in the world,” and
  5. is larded with pork

is a disaster.

This wasn’t an “Obama honeymoon” bill. This was a “good ole boy, Senate club, pork bill” that Mitch McConnell either completely ineffectively convinced his Conference was worthy of opposition – or truthfully, he wanted. Either way, he is a complete and miserable . . . er . . . mitch-erable failure.