Soldiers on the ground

I don’t mean to call USNJIMRET on the spot, but his comment is of a typical variety of cynicism that I’ve come to expect. To paraphrase: there’s nothing we can do except complain.

True, there are times when we’re going to lose. There are times we can bitch and moan. Sometimes venting is cathartic. But there is no reason to just vent. It’s time we blow shituff up.

In Kentucky we have only 75 members of the RedState Army of Activists. We need a surge in Kentucky — we need an army of activists who are willing to pick up the phone and metaphorically kick Mitch McConnell in the nuts as situations warrant.

McConnell either works for our side or he works for the Democrats. But the only people he’ll really listen to are in Kentucky. Same with other Senators.

So if you haven’t signed up and aren’t willing to help, stop the bitching. It’s time to deploy the troops and fight.

Sign up now.