Mitch McConnell Pays Attention. Engages For Us. Please call and tell him thank you.

I never like being mean to guys on our side. So I’m glad I can now, this afternoon, write in praise of MItch McConnell.

Senate sources tell me McConnell is paying attention and is now running a back channel action to disrupt Reid on Sunday.

Basically, McConnell has gone from not being in the Senate on Sunday to encouraging other Republicans to skip out too, which will actually disrupt Reid’s efforts to get to sixty votes.

I’m told this turn by McConnell as well as outside groups on the left and right coming out, just might be able to throw a serious monkey wrench in Harry Reid’s plans.

So let’s say thank you now to Mitch McConnell for listening. His number is 202-224-2541. So often times we call and complain, we really should encourage each other to also call and say thank you for listening and helping.

This increases in importance because it has been 121 days since Harry Reid allowed a Republican amendment on the floor of the Senate. We are going to need the Republican leadership to engage in parliamentary warfare if this keeps up. Not since September 10, 2008, has Reid let a GOP amendment be considered on the floor.

While we’re thanking Mitch McConnell, we need to encourage him, Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint, John Kyl, Richard Burr, and others to start a fight for the rights of the GOP on the floor of the Senate.