Conservatives About To Get Their Butts Handed To Them in Senate Thanks to Mitch McConnell

On Sunday, the Senate will vote on the lands bill. There is no unanimous consent relating to the bill because Senator Tom Coburn objected. But without Mitch McConnell standing up for Coburn, Harry Reid will be able to blame Coburn for the Sunday vote, which is the whole strategy, to isolate him and make him the enemy of the Senate Club.

In fact, Mitch McConnell will not be in the Senate on Sunday. He’s bailing, leaving the conservatives to fend for themselves. Without McConnell declaring the lands bill a party vote, ther is no way to protect Senator Coburn’s rights as a Senator to objective and offer amendments.

The bill is over 1000 pages long and comprises 130 plus bills, and Reid said Coburn can offer exactly zero amendments. Republicans are going to say “yeah, that sounds fair, because Coburn is an –hole and therefore has no rights.” If it were a Republican member like Ted Stevens whose rights were being denied, McConnell would fly back to town on Sunday to deliver a Braveheart-esque speech about the importance of protecting Ted’s rights.