Mitch McConnell Lost His Testicles and Now Infects the Senate GOP With a Cancer

Allow me to be blunt:

There are some of you who have fallen under McConnell’s spell in the same way the lefties have fallen under Obama’s spell. McConnell can do no wrong.

You all wet your pants when McConnell publicly rebukes Reid and engage in private actions that might cause you to go blind behind closed doors in the bathroom to his floor statements against defunding the war.

The idea that Mitch McConnell is protecting us from the Democrats is bullcrap.  We should collectively rip off his jaw and shovel the crap back down his throat that he’s been serving us.

Example 1:

McConnell has today allowed Harry Reid to move forward with the Lands Bill despite Tom Coburn’s hold on it.

Example 2:

McConnell will not fight for hunters rights on public land with regard to the Lands Bill.

Example 3:

McConnell will not even show up on Sunday to vote on the Lands Bill.

Example 4:

McConnell is not fighting Reid on throwing Coburn off the Judicial Committee and is already planning on caving to Reid’s demands to seriously cut the number of Republican Senators on Committees — an action that will significantly impact conservative senators.

Example 5:

McConnell privately told Republican senators this week that he will not publicly fight Barack Obama’s economic agenda.

Example 6:

Senate Bills 1-10 are traditionally reserved for the majority leader to throw “sense of the Senate” red meat resolutions to their base.  Senate Bills 11-20 are traditionally reserved for the minority leader to do the same for the minority’s base.

Reid filled SB 1-10 on the first day.  McConnell has not even filled SB 12-20.  In the last congress, he never got around to filling 11-20 until near the end of the session.

Example 7:

McConnell, in public, has said he’ll go along with Barack Obama’s stimulus package. “Given the deficit numbers, it really ought not to be a $1 trillion spending bill.” So apparently $999 billion is okay. ABC News notes, “McConnell said that Republicans have consulted with economists ‘who would be considered more conservative,’ and, ‘Each of them agreed with the president, the incoming president, that we need to do a stimulus.'” When did Brookings Institute economists become conservative?!

Example 8:

The White House tells me no member of Congress fought harder against the President’s Executive Order banning earmarks than Mitch McConnell.

Example 9:

The day the amnesty bill died last summer, the very same day, McConnell and Reid tried to rush through a unanimous consent to push the ethics bill to conference, even though it was clear that Senator DeMint had a standing objection of it going to conference because Reid was indicating he wanted to use the conference to strip DeMint’s earmark reforms.

Example 10:

Reid now files cloture immediately when he brings a bill to the floor, when the GOP used to be allowed days of debate before cloture. Reid has demanded to pick and choose GOP amendments, limiting the GOP to usually 3 or fewer votes on GOP amendments, and nearly every time he demands either a Democratic amendment side by side or demands changes to the GOP amendment.

None of this could happen without McConnell allowing it to. At any point, McConnell could stand up and say he will not give unanimous consent to anything and the Senate will come to a standstill if Reid doesn’t stop trying to run the Senate like the House. Instead, McConnell has sought “bipartisan accomplishments” and has refused to fight for GOP rights on amendments. Every now and then he takes a small stand, but backs down after a few days or one cloture vote.

Example 11:

The GOP was enraged about ACORN getting funds in the bailout, but McConnell did absolutely nothing to stop it. And its not like anyone in GOP was unaware that ACORN was a corrupt, radical liberal organization. The House GOP leaders and conservative Senators had to push to block ACORN.

Example 12:

And this one is the irony: McConnell was so confident he could get the courts to kill campaign finance reform, he declined to filibuster it, despite having enough votes to sustain a filibuster.

Mitch McConnell is privately screwing us just like Obama is doing to the left, but because he makes Harry Reid cry on queue, people love him.  It’s almost like Reid and Durbin know it and are happy to cry on cue if it means conservatives stay rallied to McConnell.