You guys humble me

It is a daunting task to build an army of activists. You guys are amazing and humble me.

I just got into the program we’re using and re-ran all the numbers. If you’ll remember, I posted the chart on January 5th showing how each state stood in our RedState Army.

Well, two days have gone past since I posted that and you guys are amazing. We’ve grown, in two days, from 5,254 to 5,906. We’ve gone up in every state except Vermont and Wyoming.

In Georgia we went from 353 to 410. Pennsylvania is now just two shy of 300. And Texas is closing in on California.

See the updated chart here. Thanks guys. This is going to be so awesome.

We’ve already sent out our first state specific blast — in Toledo, OH there is going to be a meeting on the 12th to do a charter amendment about red light cameras. Thanks to you guys, we were able to email a number of readers in Toledo and other parts of Ohio about it.

And we’re about to start targeting wayward GOP Senators who have been attracted to the siren call of liberal tax harpes.

If you haven’t but want to, you can sign up to be part of the RedState Army of Activists below the fold.

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