Jeff Flake Headed to Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Conservative activists have been pushing hard for Jeff Flake to get on the Appropriations Committee. Sources on the Hill tell me this afternoon that at Jeff Flake’s request he will be put on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, not Appropriations.

To be clear though, I’m told Flake realized last month that he did not have the votes on the Steering Committee for Appropriations and requested the Oversight and Government Reform Committee as the alternative.

Before Christmas, he approached Rep. Boehner and told him that he understood that the Steering Committee was not going to put him on Appropriations.  Flake further said that he had spoken with Rep. Issa, the new Ranking Member on the Oversight Committee, and that Flake believed he could play a positive role on that committee.  Rep. Boehner told Flake that made sense, and that he would support him for Oversight.  My understanding is that Rep. Flake had a similar conversation with Rep. Cantor.