Ken Blackwell's Resurgence Plan

Ken Blackwell has just released his conservative resurgence plan.

There are a few things to note:

1. His plan is explicitly about returning the GOP to the conservative grassroots, which I agree is where it needs to be.

2. His plan includes a sizable technology plan to put the grassroots in charge of the party.

3. Like a true “states rights” guy, his plan involves significantly divesting the RNC apparatus inside the beltway of power and sending it out to the states.

I’m a bit concerned by the last point because I suspect some of the components he’d want to decentralize need to be, unfortunately, left in DC, but it is quite a solid plan.

Ken Blackwell will also have up his answers to RedState in a bit. I had intended to write about this earlier, but my internet has gone out and I’ve had to string together my cell phone to my laptop to get a connection. I’ll have more shortly.

But go check out his plan. I suspect you’ll like it.