College Republicans Coming Out For Blackwell

Just got this in email. The leadership of the CRNC is coming out for Blackwell.

Tell ya what, I’ll give you my frank and candid thoughts later today on the subject. It’s sure to piss off everybody to one degree or another.

Members of the Republican National Committee:

After two difficult election cycles our party is at a crossroads. We have obligations to our ideals and our constituents to evaluate our strengths and weakness, successes and failures, and set ourselves on a path of renewal and revitalization. We must take this opportunity to elect a leader with a bold vision and the strength to carry it through. We need a leader that will stop allowing the Republican Party to surrender to the other party on campus and online. It is our opinion and the opinion of a large part of our organization that, of the many qualified candidates for RNC Chairman, the candidate best suited to take on these new challenges is Ken Blackwell.

Ken understands the importance of increasing our outreach to young and first time voters who will be making formative choices in the next few elections that will shape their voting habits for the rest of their lives. We cannot afford to continue to ignore an entire generation of voters. Ken also understands that we must increase our capabilities online if we’re going to inform and persuade voters effectively and remain competitive with Internet and email fundraising.

We believe that Ken Blackwell has the convictions to make him a great spokesman for our party and that he will drive us forward towards successes in elections at all levels of government. That belief is further strengthened after watching his performance in the debate yesterday. As the leaders of tomorrow’s Republican Party we respectfully ask that you consider supporting Ken and cast a vote for the next generation of Republicans.

Charlie Smith, National Chairman
Blake Harris, National Co-Chairman
Dan Carlson, National Secretary
Esther Clark, National Treasurer
Tom Jardon, Southern Vice-Chairman

Justin Zatkoff, Michigan College Republican Chairman
Taylor Hall, South Carolina College Republican Chairman
Lance Kennedy, Texas College Republican Chairman
Chandler Harris, Alabama College Republican Chairman
Ed Cox, Utah College Republican Chairman
Jeremy Hagen, Missouri College Republican Chairman
Rudy Perciful, Louisiana College Republican Chairman
Terence Grado, New Jersey College Republican Chairman
Matt Wharton, Arizona College Republican Chairman
Meagan Szydlowski, Illinois College Republican Chairman
Erica Castelo, Colorado College Republican Chairman
Richard Walters, Mississippi College Republican Chairman
Reece Hrizuk, Oregon College Republican Chairman
Brand Kroeger, District of Columbia College Republican Chairman