Questions That Should Be Asked

We need to mobilize. It is extremely important.

As you are probably aware, Americans for Tax Reform is having a debate tomorrow for the candidates for RNC Chairman. Individuals can vote for the best questions to be asked.

Paultards have gone into the ATR website to disrupt the process. And it is very clear that they have absolutely no freaking clue what the RNC Chairman actually does; they’re asking a bunch of irrelevant hoo-hah. Let’s take action.

Below are the questions Patrick Ruffini and I agree are very relevant to the debate.

1. Please register at the website then vote for the questions below.

2. Clicking the names of the people in this email will take you to their questions.

3. Vote for each of these questions.

4. Vote down any questions that reference Ron Paul, the Federal Reserve, the Gold Standard, Austrian economists, crazy ass conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, the Zionist conspiracy to make Ron Paul incontinent, etc. [NOTE to the Paultards: none of those questions is relevant to the RNC Chairman’s race except for the couple listed below the fold here.]

Let’s mobilize.

Clicking the names of the people below will take you to their questions to be voted on.


In light of the success of the Ron Paul presidential campaign attracting large numbers of young activists to the conservative cause, what specifically will you do to ensure they become Republicans?

Jon Seehusen

Bailouts, senior prescriptions, No Child Federal school governance…Please explain how the GOP-brand effectively stands for “smaller, less intrusive government” today, and your plans to restore that brand.


Having been a lifelong Republican for over 30 years, and having participated since the last election cycle at the precinct committee officer level of Republican party politics I am gravely concerned that the Republican Party is soley interested in running candidates who have paid their dues, so to speak, instead of supporting/running the right candidate for the right moment running on the right issues/message at the right location, i.e candidates who can win races. …

Blonduxo (goes on to be a Ron Paul question, but these concerns are very valid)

While many people in the party have spoken about the importance of young voters, few have offered concrete plans on how to work from within the RNC to attract young voters back to our party. What, specifically, would you do to make the Republican Party an attractive option for voters 18-29 years old? Please include any ideas you have for specific programs, policy initiatives, or organizational restructurings you would commit to as RNC Chairman.

Charlie Smith

What will you do as RNC Chairman to ensure there is no self-dealing among RNC staff and consultants and as part of efforts to mitigate consultant self-dealings will you commit to legitimately bidding out all of the RNC’s vendor contracts for mail, phone banking, and GOTV programs?

Erick Erickson

Considering the Institutional advantage Democrats enjoy in the educational system and at the collegiate level, Republicans have to work even harder than Democrats to attract the youth vote. What strategies would you employ to spread the Republican message to young people, and to promote the party as an organization they would want to associate with?


As chairman of the RNC, will you pledge to keep the party OUT of primaries and not endorse or oppose any primary contender either publicly or privately; publicly vet federal candidates based on the standard of the party platform and the U.S. Constitution; and open the party back up to ALL conservatives, even those who might disagree with some elected officials’ policies?


What is your vision for the technology necessary for our future and what steps will you take to make sure the RNC and the Republican Party compete with the most current technology available in the future?

Sharon Day

I am a contributor to the blog HipHopRepublican.com in the past the Republican Party was seen as the party for civil rights and equal opportunity. Today when people think of Republicans they see the party as belonging only to white people. Whether this accusation is fair or not it is a view shared by thousands of Americans. How will the new RNC Chair person specifically address these concerns and what specific tools will it use to improve its outreach to Latino, Asian and African American communities?


What three issues do you think conservatives can rally behind and can be used to defeat liberals in the 2010 election?