Washington Post hires left-wing blogger. I guarantee they wouldn't hire someone from the right.

Well, we really don’t need any reminder as to the liberal bias of the mainstream media, but I’ll remind you anyway.

Greg Sargent was with the left-wing Talking Points Memo. Now he is with the Washington Post.

I’m sure Greg Sargent is good at what he does, but I’m also sure the Washington Post would not even consider hiring someone directly from the right-of-center blogosphere.

Of course the Washington Post is connected to both Newsweek and Slate, so its biases are pretty well established and no doubt considers TPM to be right in line with the mainstream.

UPDATED: Just a quick update. A lot of lefties are laughing about this post and bringing Ben Domenech up. I perhaps should have been more clear as there is a clear difference.

Ben was specifically hired to write a blog about conservatives. To my knowledge, Greg Sargent is not being hired to write a blog about liberals.

Likewise, the left began hounding Ben out of the job before any allegations showed up relating to plagarism — it was the initial lefty lynch mob that led to the rest.

Also, it took months before the Washington Post again tried to hire a conservative. They got Ramesh Ponnuru. But they wouldn’t let him have a blog. They basically made him the moderator of a forum.

There is a clear difference in treatment — conservatives can write about conservative issues, but liberals get to cover the news.

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