The Top Ten Posts of 2008

These posts got the most traffic in 2008 according to our internal traffic tracker.

10. Dan McLaughlin’s look at the 2012 field of Republican candidates.

9. Dan Perrin’s seven reasons McCain-Palin will win.

8. Ben Domenech’s story on Barack Obama’s short honeymoon.

7. Anonymous 14’s diary on what we were never intended to know in this election.

6. My Operation Leper post.

5. Jeff Emanuel’s tale of the tape.

4. My post on Sarah Palin’s teleprompter breaking, which was heavily disputed, but proven right.

3. Josh Painter’s “Beauty of Sarah Palin” post, which still generates massive google linkage.

2. My post on the Democrats releasing Sarah Palin’s social security number in their opposition research dump.

1. Absentee catching Don Fowler on video laughing about the hurricane hitting New Orleans.

HONORABLE MENTION: While he did not make the top ten, Dave In Florida appears in the top 25 with three different posts. Well done.