How many more breathe free because of one man?

Kosovo has named a street after President Bush.

Kosovo decided Wednesday to name a central street of its capital Pristina after outgoing US President George W. Bush for his support of the territory’s split from Serbia.

Backed unanimously by Kosovo’s cabinet, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said the move was “a sign of the huge state and national respect and appreciation” for the United States’ contribution to independence, declared earlier this year.

Both Republicans and Democrats in this country have grown weary of the President in recent years. Some have grown weary because of the war. Others, like me, because of his domestic policy. Instead of putting conservatism into compassion, Bush tried to put compassion into conservatism, but his compassion meant big government — a notion not compatible with the freedom of men.

And that will be the irony of the Bush legacy. Abroad, George W. Bush has been the great liberator. He has freed millions of people from ruthless dictators and radical Islamists. At home, he has kept us safe. But he has presided over a government that has encroached on American freedoms and eroded the free market he pledged to support.

The advance of liberty across the globe owes its progress largely to President Bush and his relentless assault against evil and terror. At home? A mixed bag. But one thing is indisputable.

George W. Bush, President of the United States of America, kept us safe. I can forgive much for that.