When Did Mrs. Schlossberg Become Ms. Kennedy and Why Is She Qualified?

Wikipedia tells us that Caroline Kennedy actually never changed her name to Schlossberg after she got married. That has not stopped the media from referring to Her Majesty as Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg until now.

Now, the media, in its never ending quest to rebuild Camelot, is in full Kennedy mode. Obama is, I’m sure, a bit upset the spotlight is off him.

The American public has, for a year, been treated to a media narrative that experience counts for everything. Sarah Palin was unqualified to preside as President of the United States Senate because she did not have experience — never mind that she is Governor of the largest state. She was not qualified to cast tie breaking votes in the Senate. That is, after all, the Vice President’s job.

But today is a new day. Caroline Kennedy (Schlossberg) is qualified to be a United States Senator because . . . . .

Because why really? Because of her last name? Kennedy equals experience? No. Not hardly. What exactly has Caroline Kennedy done to make herself qualified?

She has not started any businesses. She . . . ohhhh . . . she’s the honorary chairman of the American Ballet Theatre and raises private money for public causes.

Gotcha. Oh, and she’s a writer and editor. That makes her a very serious person, unlike Sarah Palin who, as just a lowly governor with no royal blood, is unserious.

Were the media allowed to pick a monarchy for America, it’d be the Kennedys. And the media would tell the rest of us it’s what America wants. But real America wants people who have actually done something with their lives to be in positions of prominence. Rising above a silver spoon background to a silver dinner plate does not qualify. Except maybe in New York.