Confessions of a Political Junkie

Reality sometimes necessitates jumping back into your life at times. I have two lives though and they have not, despite my best intentions, merged very well. There is the life there at home with the wife and children and the life here at RedState, which has, for the past year, been all consuming.

In these past few weeks, I have mostly been absorbed in my other life — the one with a new baby, a loving wife, and the sweetest three year old on earth. Neil has done yeoman’s work here keeping the lights on and upgrading. Between the baby and then promptly getting sick, I haven’t been as engaged as I’d otherwise be. Ironically, I was more engaged on RedState last Tuesday while we are the hospital than since. But it is all understandable.

This is all to say, I feel I’ve been neglecting you guys. I haven’t been able to pay attention as much. The nice thing about this site is that I can now get comments to my posts emailed to me, but they’ve piled up.

So, consider this an open thread. If you want my attention for some reason, some idea, have some complaint, etc. here’s your chance. I promise I’ll read every comment to this post.