A Traitor Painted a Hero

In today’s world of moral relativism, the media frequently reverses labels and agendas. Good men are made the villain. Villains are made good men. Heros are made traitors and traitors are made heros.

After spending thousands of words to claim God is a proponent of gay marriage, Newsweek works hard to paint a traitor as a hero.

Meet Thomas Tamm. Mr. Tamm is the man who leaked to the New York Times the foreign surveillance program the media dubbed “warrantless wiretaps.”

The program, mischaracterized by the media and Mr. Tamm, listened in on foreigners calling foreigners whose calls were routed through the United States. In some cases calls were monitored that ended in the United States. The purpose of the program was to gather intelligence on foreign terrorist activities.

Revelations of the program by the media significantly impacted its effectiveness. According to people inside the Bush administration, the effectiveness of intelligence gathering against the enemy was impacted after the New York Times leaked the existence of the program.

Mr. Tamm is to blame. As Newsweek notes

Tamm concedes he was also motivated in part by his anger at other Bush-administration policies at the Justice Department, including its aggressive pursuit of death-penalty cases and the legal justifications for “enhanced” interrogation techniques that many believe are tantamount to torture.

Mr Tamm did not like John Ashcroft. He did not like rendition. In fact, if you plow through the Newsweek article, you’ll find that Mr. Tamm did not much care for the War on Terror at all. So he decided to undermine it.

A media, willing to aid and abet Al Qaeda, seized on the story, badly mischaracterized what the NSA was doing, and tipped off the nation’s enemies about the program.

Neither the media nor Mr. Tamm have any regrets. And now the media will paint the traitor a hero. He fits the media narrative of standing up to the man — damn the consequences. But we should remember him as Tamm the Traitor — he put a personal agenda ahead of the nation’s security.