Jay Carney to Join Joe Biden In Oblivion

Jay Carney, Time Magazine’s D.C. Bureau Chief, will become Communications Director for Joe Biden.

The Politico sums it up best, writing

Carney, a Yale graduate, is known as a middle-of-the-road, well-connected journalist with establishment instincts.

Earlier this year, I noted Carney was willing to buy into the left-wing rhetoric that Rush Limbaugh and right wing bloggers started the Michelle Obama “Whitey Tape” rumor, when it was in fact pro-Hillary Clinton left-wing bloggers who had done so.

Jay was kind enough to note the left-wing origins after I posted.

Here’s the thing folks: Jay Carney is an awesome reporter. He always played it middle of the road and tried to get both sides, but his biases were always to the left.

The point here is this: have any major reporters gone on to work for Republicans? The left likes to use Tony Snow as their example, but of course Tony was a well known conservative and Republican, having guest hosted for Rush Limbaugh for a number of years.

But who in the mainstream media ever goes to the Republicans? Linda Douglass of ABC News went with Obama. Carney is going with Biden. What about ABC’s Claire Shipman, Carney’s wife? Do you really think she’s going to cover the political beat fairly with her husband working for Biden? I doubt it.

Jay Carney is a good guy. He’ll serve Biden well in what will be a position of little influence in a small corner of oblivion. He is not the first. He won’t be the last. He’s just another example of the mainstream media showing its bias against conservatives.

I will miss his coverage at Time. Its always sad to see a good guy turn hack.