The Design

We could have some fun with this.

Martin does not much like the present site design and came up with a suggested alternative.

I’m open to considering a design change, but I have to tell you that my big key in a change is readability and reduction of clutter. I’m also big on Helvetica and clean fonts. It is, however, a personal preference and I’m flexible.

Absentee modified what Martin came up with for something that distinguishes items in the middle and left columns. I like the clarity and I really am partial to the masthead graphic, which was my own creation with the final touches by Absentee.

So what about the rest of you. Anyone else have an idea? Put it together and post it. Let’s look at them. Not saying we can get to it anytime soon, but if someone has a stellar idea, it is definitely something we could work toward.

One thing you should note about the present site: I do like it. It needs improvement for sure. The masthead is way too tall. But keep in mind our reader demographic is pretty diverse and I use the “mom” test. My mom says the old sites were hard for her to read and navigate. The new site, with its spacing, etc. makes it easier for her. We want a clean, clear, legible, easy to navigate site.

Have at it. I’m curious to see the results.