With regard to front page contributors

There has been a mild aggravation from some readers when I mentioned for probably the tenth time that front page contributors at RedState are all pro-life.

It is nothing new. We’ve had this requirement since 2004, the year we came online.

I guarantee you that for all the complaints from a very few people, we’d have a heck of a lot of complaints if we abandoned the rule. Our credibility, candor, commitment, and cause would all suffer.

I had intended to write a longer post on the subject, but instead, let me just say, “What he said” and him too.

Oh, and Gunnar Lee Erickson is quite glad to have the rule.

UPDATED: Some of you (looking at you Birdmojo) have misread this whole post. “Front page contributors must be pro-life.” Front Page Contributors equals those people who have direct access to the front page. I never said anything about people who write diaries. Anyone can write a diary. And I’ll gladly front page a diary on any issue from any person if the diary is good. I don’t care where that person stands on abortion. I’m talking about Front Page Contributors. A diary poster who gets something promoted to the front page does not a Front Page Contributor make.