Mark Ritchie, He's Our Man. If He Can't Steal It, No One Can!

Mark Ritchie is the Secretary of State of Minnesota. He is, by law, to fairly carry out the laws of the state and fairly enforce the rules relating to elections in the state.

Instead, he has operated as a partisan hack. At a time when surveys are showing Minnesotans increasingly think the recount has been unfair to Coleman and Franken is growing increasingly unpopular, Ritchie, a MoveOn Democrat, has sent out an email blast to update voters on the recount.

There’s just one problem — he did it through his campaign. It wasn’t “Secretary of State” Mark Ritchie sending out objective information. It was partisan Democrat Mark Ritchie sending out information “Prepared and paid for by Mark Ritchie for Secretary of State” according to the email.

Nothing ethically dubious there.