Tools I Use To Blog: BlogAssist

Being a Mac user, I find there is an infinite variety of cool blogging apps to make my life easier. Some are pricey and some are not.

While I go back and forth on a lot of tools, there is one constant that I have used for years — BlogAssist.

Without a doubt, 95% of the posts I’ve written have used BlogAssist. It makes me a faster, more efficient blogger.

BlogAssist is a menu bar application that does one thing well. It lets me put HTML coding into a post quickly without much thought. And I can customize the hell out of it.

The process is very simple. I select text I want coded. I copy it to the clipboard. I go up to the BlogAssist menu, click the HTML code I want, then paste. I can combine multiple HTML codes and add codes that are not there.

So, for example, BlogAssist comes with the usuals for bolding, italicizing, blockquoting, etc. But I light to highlight on occasion, so I put in the code I like. Now, without every typing in the HTML code, I can render something like this:

An Example

All I did was copy the words to the clipboard with Cmd-C, select both bold and highlight from the BlogAssist menue, then past with Cmd-V. It took all of five seconds and I did not have to worry about a mistake.

I suppose this could be viewed as an endorsement. I do endorse use of this product, though they don’t pay me. I thought a series of these “how I blog” posts would be ideal. I couldn’t start with a more worthy program than BlogAssist.

— Erick