The Obama Honeymoon: Let's Ignore Elections

William Jefferson lost. Let’s be honest. In his district, his loss had more to do with him not sharing the money in his freezer than it does him having put the money in his freezer.

But beyond that, the media response is interesting.

Since Barack Obama’s election, Republicans won the Georgia runoff. Republicans won William Jefferson’s seat in a heavily Democrat area. Republicans won McCrery’s seat in North Louisiana — a seat the Democrats thought they had a real shot to pick up (and it was close).

Likewise, ardent leftist Mary Jo Kilroy is well behind in the Ohio recount. Al Franken is behind in Minnesota (he was never ahead). Tom McClintock is going to Congress in California.

The first ones though are more meaningful. They all happened after Obama got elected. Three Republican wins, including in Democrat territory.

But I thought Obama’s election was supposed to be, you know, more meaningful.