The Top 5 Signs of a Desperate Al Franken

5 – His Campaign Suggests That Law Enforcement Raid A Church Alleging That They Must Have More Votes For Him Hiding In The Pews
The Franken Campaign Has Called For A “Systematic Forensic Search” Of A Church. “Conduct a systematic forensic search of the church that served as a polling place, any vehicle used to transport ballots or other elections materials, the warehouse where the ballots were stored.” (Al Franken For U.S. Senate, “Franken Campaign Demands Intensive Search For Ballots Lost In Minneapolis,” Press Release, blog.alfranken.com, 12/2/08)

4 – Demands Interrogation Of Janitors And Church Administrators
The Franken Campaign Wants To Interview Every Janitor And Administrator Of A Church That Hosted A Polling Location. “Interview every person who worked at the precinct on Election Day, every person who had a role in setting up or cleaning up at the church that served as a polling place, and every person who touched or transported the ballots either on Election Day or at any point between then and now.” (Al Franken For U.S. Senate, “Franken Campaign Demands Intensive Search For Ballots Lost In Minneapolis,” Press Release, blog.alfranken.com, 12/2/08)

3 – His Lawyer Pivots From Winning With Votes From Minnesotans To Winning With Votes From Politicians In Washington D.C.
Franken Campaign Lawyer Suggests U.S. Senate Could Decide Outcome Of Election Instead Of Minnesota Voters. “Marc Elias, the legal chief for Franken, said the campaign won’t appeal the board’s ruling but it could seek intervention of another kind once the recount wraps up. ‘Whether it is at the county level, before the Canvassing Board, before the courts or before the United States Senate, we don’t know yet. But we remain confident these votes will be counted,’ Elias said.” (Brian Bakst, “After Absentee Ballot Loss, Franken Eyes Options,” The Associated Press, 11/27/08)

2 – He Drops In On The Senate In Washington While Elected Senators Are Attending Orientation
Franken Visited Washington, D.C. Even Though He Has Never Been Declared A Winner. “Franken met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for about 20 minutes on Wednesday morning in Reid’s office on the second floor of the Capitol building. After the meeting, he told reporters he had briefed the Majority Leader on the mechanics of the recount and said he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ he will win. … The former comedy writer said he had scheduled meetings at the DSCC, where he will meet with experts who know about setting up transition offices and organizational things along those lines.” (“With Minnesota Recount Underway, Al Franken Visits Capitol Hill,” CNN’s “Political Ticker” Blog, politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com, 11/19/08)

1 – His Recount Briefings Relocate From Minnesota To Washington, D.C.
The Franken Campaign Held A Recount Briefing Based Out Of Washington, D.C. Instead Of Minnesota. “Minnesota Democrat Al Franken’s lead attorney told reporters on Tuesday that his count shows the satirist trailing Sen. Norm Coleman (R) by just 50 votes with more than 200,000 left to be counted. Attorney Marc Elias spoke at a Washington press conference held hours after election officials found nearly 200 ballots that had not been counted on election night.” (Reid Wilson, “Franken Camp Claims Vote Margin Now At 50 As New Ballots Found,” The Hill, 12/2/08)