Jeb Bush for the United States Senate

Jeb Bush is mulling a run for the United States Senate. We should give him some encouragement and rally early for him.

Sign the petition below. Fill out the form and you’ll see a series of tasks you can commit to. We’ll get the information to the appropriate people so, if he does run (and we hope this will encourage him), we’ll be able to help him get out of the gate running.

You can put this script on your website too by post the code below, or just directly link here.

<script src=”https://widgets.kimbia.com/widgets/form.js?channel=redstate.kimbia.com/Jeb”></script>

I think RedState needs to do this more often and I would encourage you to link to this on your own site. While we’re building an army of RedState activists, let’s get organized in the field for good conservatives.