Gay Rights Proponents Act Like the Third Reich

Yes, I know about Goodwin’s law, but comparing gay rights activists to the Nazis is fitting. They’ve gone from being persecuted to persecuting. Of course, they’ll say it is all in the fight for their civil rights — much like the Nazis needed to go after people to make things right.

See here.

Wireless providers and Capitol Hill Democrats are calling for CTIA President Steve Largent’s ouster over his alleged support of California’s recent gay marriage ballot initiative.

“I’m not sure that this kind of political activity is helpful in Washington, D.C., right now,” a telecommunications executive from a CTIA member company told Roll Call on Thursday. “I don’t think it represents the high-tech workers of the wireless industry.”

Mind you, Steve Largent did not contribute to the Prop. 8 measure. His wife did.

But Largent must be punished. You must not oppose gay marriage. They will come for you. They will come for your family. They will work to oust you from your job.

This reminds me of something from this month’s Wired. Someone wrote in asking a question: their office has a network where everyone shares iTunes. Some Christian has sermons that are “anti-gay” in her iTunes. The guy wanted to know if he should complain and have the co-worker fired for intolerance.

In this country, we’ve gone from a Red Scare to a red, white, and blue scare. People with traditional American values are to be hunted down, fired from their jobs, and destroyed.