This smells like rotten fish

Two months ago Sam Van Voorhis calls my old church, says he’s in the PCA, and he needs to know the circumstances surrounding why I was no longer at that church. The church secretary hang up on him after he became angry when she wouldn’t tell him why I was no longer there. The only thing I can connect it to is a couple of posts I wrote questioning who was making the independent expenditures for the party.

A week ago a friend pointed me to the flawed absentee ballot mailer in Georgia and connected it to Sam Van Voorhis.

I called a friend at the NRSC. He confirmed it was Voorhis’s group that did it.

Yesterday I finger Van Voorhis.

Today, Van Voorhis calls the church again, does the same thing, demands to know why I was no longer at the church, etc. The preacher tells me the guy was really rude.

Tonight my friend from the NRSC calls and tells me it was his mistake. Van Voorhis’s group was not connected to the mail piece and Van Voorhis did not get to decide who would do the mail for Georgia anyway.

This all adds up to a barrel of rotten fish.

Insert lines about Denmark here. My gut tells me there is something very suspicious here.

UPDATE: Having posted this, some friends connected to party operations here in Georgia tell me they were told weeks ago that Van Voorhis’s company would be doing the absentee ballot in question.