The Birth Certificate Drama

So it has finally wound up going to the Supreme Court. Big freaking deal. I have asked, and the contributors have long agreed, to avoid this topic.

Now that it is making legitimate headlines, let me offer my very firm opinion on the matter.

(1) There is reasonable doubt on the issue.

(2) The issue is being badly misreported, including making statements about the legal proceedings relating to Phillip Berg and others that are simply not true.

(3) The whole thing with David Souter and Clarence Thomas is offensive to me. The Court treated the matter as any matter would be treated and all of a sudden, because something was done by SCOTUS, the matter has been given a legitimacy it does not deserve. If it were a suit to demand Obama hand over his martian DNA, it would have been treated the exact same way. The only reason Clarence Thomas referred it on to the other black robes is because he has a great sense of humor and knew they all needed a laugh.

(4) And this is my biggest one: let’s say it is all true. Let’s say Obama really is from Kenya. Let’s say the birth certificate, despite being validated by a Republican administration in Hawaii and despite a birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper — let’s say it’s all a fraud. So what? Does anyone really, really think five justices of the United States Supreme Court are going to throw him out of office or deny him the right to run again? Seriously? After over 50% of the nation voted to elect him? That will not happen. And if it did, there’d be a greater percentage of people up in arms over than voted for the guy.

So, in all of this talk about the birth certificate, the people pushing the story are distracting themselves from the real news. I bet Obama is really, really thrilled that so many people are focusing on the birth certificate because these same people will wholly ignore all the other stuff.

The real story here is not that Obama is a foreigner. He’s not. The story is Obama’s pattern of lying. It wouldn’t surprise me if he listed himself as Kenyan to get preferred treatment at Harvard. There are lots of lies that I can believe. The man talks out of both sides of his mouth to get his way and get ahead.

But the birth certificate stuff is a total distraction.