Sue Everhart and Tom Perdue

Unfortunately, I’ve apparently been unclear. In writing about my view that we need a new Georgia GOP chair in the same posts in which I’ve written about Saxby’s disastrous campaign, people have assumed I am connecting Sue Everhart’s performance as GOP Chairman to Saxby’s campaign.Nothing could be further from the truth. While I do believe had the state party performed better, it may have helped mitigate some of the damage from Saxby’s campaign, the problems with Saxby’s campaign rest with Saxby’s campaign. There are other issues that relate to the state party.It is rather galling to read this from Icarus:

Apparently, as the gang was assembling on stage last night, Tom Perdue stood at the top of the steps and told Ms. Everhart that she would not appear on the stage.

Tom Perdue, Saxby’s consultant, has ceded his right to deny anyone access to the stage. In a measure of performance, Sue Everhart outperformed Tom Perdue. The Chambliss campaign operation was rudderless, devoid of ideas, a miserable failure on the ground, and a vehicle for Tom Perdue to recover financially, even at the expense of getting Chambliss re-elected.Regardless of what we may think of Sue Everhart’s performance as party chair, she deserved to be on that stage a hell of a lot more than Tom Perdue, who I hope will now be finished in Georgia politics.Let’s rewind just a bit and say this again: the Chambliss folks are patting themselves on the back for a 15% win over Jim Martin. We should not let them forget they never should have been in a runoff in the first place.ONE ADDENDUM: An alternative to this story is that Sue wanted to bring up a crew with her and Perdue would not let her bring them all up. Sue declined to go up without them. If that is the case, Perdue was right to deny them all access to the stage. She was entitled to be there, but not to bring up a crew.Nonetheless, the other point stands. I don’t want anyone to equate my criticisms of Sue with Saxby’s campaign.