Is this a can of worms worth opening?

From Georgia State Senator Seth Harp:

“Merging Historically Black Colleges such as Savannah State University and Albany State College with nearby white-majority schools, Armstrong Atlantic State University and Darton College, will save our taxpayers and the state a significant amount of money. It is not my intention to close any of these institutions, but to strengthen them and make them better. HBCUs should keep their historical significance. This suggestion will require research, but now is the time to examine cost-saving solutions in this tight economic climate. Savannah State University was created by statue to service black students. Combining schools will eliminate the need to compete for community support. If we merge these institutions, we can make them more fiscally sound and even more successful. My goal as chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee is to ensure schools in Georgia are of high quality so that our students can receive diplomas of academic excellence. Georgia is currently experiencing severe economic times due to a substantial budget shortfall and is not expected to recover until 2010. Merging 14 of Georgia’s technical colleges eliminated administrative costs and have already shown significant savings. Combining certain schools will reduce overhead costs, and strengthen the learning opportunities offered to each student. We must take the necessary steps to ensure the success of those who choose to attend institutions of higher learning.”

It is absolutely worth opening this can. There is no reason to keep historic X colleges of any kind if merging schools to save money makes sense.