I knew I'd get this sort of stuff

From: Gary Welsh
Subject: What Kind of Conservative Are You?
Date: December 4, 2008 9:40:31 PM EST
To: [email protected]

There is nothing more enraging to conservatives like me than conservatives like you who no longer respect the rule of law. Go ahead and make your snarky little comments about the Obama birth certificate issue, but because of idiots like you on our side, this total fraud is now going to be our president. He lied about his birth. He lied about his Muslim upbringing. His college years are a total mystery. Indonesian records show he was adopted by his Indonesian step father and became a citizen there. His autobiography, Dreams From My Father, contains one lie after another. We were told we couldn’t say a damn thing about this issue because of John McCain’s problem with being born in Panama. This is total horse s***. Arnold Schwarzenegger will never be president because of the rule of law, but because idiots like you think you know better and think we all have to be nice little soldiers and go along with the scam, the Manchourian candidate chosen by an illegal secret government that your buddy Newt Gingrich promotes at every turn will do just fine during the Obama years. You and Gingrich should pack up and leave the GOP for good. You sure aren’t helping it out.

No, Gary, I think it guys like you who probably could have been effective mounting an opposition to Obama, but decided to go on a wild goose chase, who are enabling the coming of the Obamessiah.

BTW, I bet you voted for Ron Paul.