Franken's Hopes Look Dim. But He'll Soldier On.


Matt Lewis pointed it out. So does Michael Barone.

I agree with them. Because Saxby guarantees the Democrats can’t get to 60 in the Senate, Al Franken’s victory becomes rather meaningless to a group of people who don’t much like him anyway. The odds decrease daily that the United States Senate will sit Al Franken — especially considering he has never led during the recount despite his campaign’s statements to the contrary.

For Franken though, tempers are still flaring.

The tension was over challenged ballots with a Coleman worker coming up with a proposal.

“I’d be willing to a compromise in withdrawing our challenge if you withdraw your challenge,” said the Coleman worker.

The Franken camp held firm.

“We don’t do compromises. You just challenge the ballots you feel necessary, we’ll challenge the ballots [that we feel necessary] and we’ll take it to them,” responded the Franken worker.

It seems that no matter what, the Franken guys just aren’t going to give up. It also seems that Franken is demonstrating that he’s not exactly the kind of person one might want in an elected body where compromise is often the name of the game.

But, maybe they are seeing the writing on the wall.

Wednesday, the Franken campaign said they have changed their minds on 633 ballots and will no longer challenge them, but there are still more than 5,000 ballots that both campaigns are challenging.

While that was mighty kind of them, no one should be surprised that Franken will be a graceless ass to the very end. To hell with Minnesota, it’s not like he has any loyalty to the state anyway. It just happened to be convenient.